We are a flower shop. A flower shop with a stuffed heron and a large collection of china dogs.

Our flowers have a quirky feel to them, and are always scented, whether by the flowers or our use of herbs as foliage. Our house style is one of wild abandon, assymetrical designs and trailing foliage.

We also sell a collection of vintage and new vases, in which to place your bouquet, and the shop furniture.

Weddings are a passion, and we work Nationwide., bringing our unique rambling designs.

and we also hold full day flower schools at the shop. Sign up to our newsletter to get the new 2014 schedule.

You can see more of our work and ramblings on the blog

Miss Pickering
Likes Narcissus paper white, slutty shoes, taking photographs , Formula 1 and cooking.

The Hound
Likes tripe sticks, pizzas in The Tobie Norris and chasing cats. He hates gerbera and diamante pins in roses.